A group of investors decided to build a senior housing community. They selected the construction developer and the community operator. The investors knew that they wanted to build their community in the suburbs of Chicago, but they hadn’t identified the best location for their investment. That’s when they reached out to Walker-Heley.

Walker-Heley started by producing a competition map that identified all of the communities within a 15-mile radius that could potentially compete with the investors’ proposed development. Once the competition was identified, Walker-Heley conducted extensive, on-site mystery shops at each competitor to identify amenities, services, pricing and quality. Then, each competitor was classified as to how they could compete with the proposed community. Upon completion of the mystery shopping process, a comprehensive competitor assessment report was issued to the investors and Walker-Heley provided a final recommendation regarding the best site on which to build the proposed community. In addition, Walker-Heley provided pricing strategies to assist the investors during the initial lease-up phase of the community and guidance on amenities and services.