Disposition Services

Services for community dispositions and operator transitions

Asset Appraisals

Partnering with your selected external appraisal firm, this service ensures that your external appraiser bases their valuation on current and accurate community
occupancy, performance and financial data and the most relevant market data and sales comps. Services include managing the distribution of information to the
external appraisal firm and reviewing the initial and subsequent drafts of the valuation to ensure that the final valuation report is accurate. This service is
offered on a quarterly, annual or one-time basis for investors preparing a community for sale.

Operator Transitions

This service is geared for exiting investors who need to orchestrate the hand-over of their community to a new owner and/or operator. Transition services
include ensuring that resident agreements are transferred in accordance with state regulations, integrating new pricing and programming, working with the
outgoing operator to identity and retain key staff members, and communicating the transition to residents. The objective of these transitional services is to
ensure a smooth handover to the new operator with minimized disturbances to the residents and to the community’s operations.

Community Communications

Services include orchestrating the communication plan to announce the sale of the community to residents and staff, and working with the new operator to
ensure that daily operations and key staff are maintained until the closing of the sale.