Operation Services

Services to monitor and improve community performance

Performance Audits

Detailed on-site audits of the community and operator are offered, along with resident and staff satisfaction surveys. Additional services include analysis
of the community’s occupancy trends, financial performance, tour conversion rates and discounting strategies to provide you with a complete picture of the
community’s performance. These services can be provided on a quarterly or annual basis.

Market Updates

An assessment of the competitive landscape is offered with a focus on the competitions’ current pricing strategies and occupancy. This service can be
provided on a quarterly or annual basis and, when combined with a community performance audit, will enable you to make decisions about your community’s
pricing and position within the market.

Asset Positioning

Asset positioning is offered for communities that are underperforming. Services include strategy reviews to determine the potential performance of the
community and whether this asset should be a “hold” or “sell” for the investor, and repositioning options to rebalance the community’s unit mix between IL,
AL, and DEM and to expand programming to meet market demands.